Merry Christmas, Dad

Well, it’s been a whole year since you left, already. There are still days I think of you constantly, times when I see you driving the car next to me, stepping onto the train, riding your bike along LSD or walking just ahead on the sidewalk. Once I saw you standing in line ahead of me. It was someone who looked very much like you, of course.

There was only one you, Dad.

Sometimes I get a whiff of the way you used to smell and look around to see who is wearing your cologne.

Other times, when I hear the songs you loved I send gratitude for parents who embedded their love of music in me – I send it out in huge, wide arcs.

And I think of you, Dad.

I’m grateful for all the still images you left of your grandson and of Mom and the whole family through the years. I am taking my time showing them to him, savoring each one.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and teaching me early on about photography. It is one of my greatest pleasures, especially while capturing moments of my family. I don’t shoot on film or develop my own much anymore, but I am grateful for the passion you inspired in me.

Thank you for so many gifts.

I love you. Merry Christmas.

I miss you.



PS – here’s to another year of capturing great moments in pictures, both still and motion, of all the ones we love!